If you want to ride safe and on a proper working bike, you should check these 6 points before every ride with your motorcycle: Many know how important it is, hardly anyone does it really. The obligatory safety check of the motorcycle before departure. The following 6 tips could save your life and should be followed by every good motorcyclist before driving. Because driving safety begins when riding a motorcycle in the garage!

All the tips listed here can not only serve safety but also contribute to the proper function of your motorcycle without a breakdown.

1Check the tires

Check if your tires have the right air pressure. Rotate the tires and look out for nails or other damage to the tires.

2Look out for loose bolts and bits

You do not even need tools for this preside safety check, only the shaking or checking by hand is enough to identify loose parts.

3Check the fluid levels

Check the oil level, the level of the brake fluid and, if necessary, the fill level of the engine coolant.

4Check the hoses

Look at your hoses and see if you can spot cracks and porous spots. This applies to brake hoses as well as coolant hoses.

5Check the suspension

Check if there is oil leakage at the front fork and the seal is defective. You can also run your fingers along the polished surface. If they become oily, there is a defect.

6Check the lights

As a motorcyclist, it’s all about being seen. Accordingly, the light systems should work perfectly. Check the main beam, the high beam, the tail light and brake light to its function. Then the direction indicators as well!

Which things should also be checked before starting a ride on the motorcycle? Please give us some idea in the comments section!



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