Kawasaki dealer Thailand – Kawasaki is next to Honda one of the most popular brands in Thailand. One reason is for sure the reasonable price, and on the other hand also the very well developed dealer network all over the country. The dealer network for Kawasaki Big Bikes is by far the best in Thailand. In addition to many showrooms, there are a lot of service points and workshops where Kawasaki Big Bike motorbikes can be serviced.

Depending on the size and importance of the city, Kawasaki dealers and showrooms are more or less represented. The relatively simple technique of the Kawasaki Big Bikes makes it however almost every dealer in Thailand possible to repair the bikes.

Since Kawasaki has an extreme number of branches throughout Thailand, we have not created a list and map in this case. Too often the locations change, or new Kawasaki dealers in Thailand are added.

However, you can find the day-to-day list of all Kawasaki Big Bike dealers in Thailand as well as the appropriate map in the link below.

Kawasaki Dealer Network Thailand – List


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  1. Hi I am trying to get some parts for my Kawasaki 150krr zx 2stroke motorcycle like the piston rings set head gasket set shock seals L R the rear spocket 39T

  2. Hi,I join kawasaki service center for opening in myanmar.Now I work heavy machinery service engineeing.I intersted bike service.


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